Shipping policy

< Shipping charges >

Indicated at the time of settlement.

< Import duties >

Payment is made to the delivery company upon arrival of the goods.

< Time of delivery of goods >

Ships within 3 business days of order.

< Method of delivery of goods >


< Handling in the absence of customers >

If you are not at home, you will receive an absence notice from the delivery company. Please arrange a delivery date during the re-delivery period and pick up your order. If you do not contact the address listed on the notice, or if your address is incorrect, the merchandise will be automatically returned to us. We will process the returned merchandise at our discretion.

< If you do not receive the goods >

In the unlikely event that the product has not arrived after the above period of time, please contact us from the following link.

< Contact Information >

Please provide us with your order number when you contact us.